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Freelance Market Listings

Worldwide Freelance
Discover hundreds of paying writing markets from all around the world. Subscribe to their excellent free weekly newsletter

Absolute Markets & Absolute Write
The absolute essential ezines for any professional writer. Crammed with paying writing markets from all over the world, you'll have no excuse for not writing with this great newsletter to back you up

Massive freelance database, showing people and businesses searching for freelancers, plus places for freelancers to advertise for new contracts.

Freelance Work Exchange:
Find thousands of freelance jobs easily! Huge database. Click here to start freelancing today

This site provides excellent articles and information for freelancers of all kinds, plus offers a database of available freelance jobs.

Write for Discussion Boards and earn $1200 per week...
Find hundreds of freelance jobs like these

Copyright Information

Copyright Basics
Direct from the US copyright office. Specific information on what copyright is and how to protect your work.

The Copyright Website
Provides real world, practical and relevant copyright information. Covers many different facets of the law - Written by a lawyer.

MortgageLoanHints.com - Lee Masterson's 'other' site dedicated to teaching people to take control of their own finances and get out of debt quickly and responsibly. Lee has worked in finance and/or banking for the past 7 years, helping people to control their financial futures!

Freelance Resource Sites

National Writer's Union
The National Writers Union is the only U.S. trade union for freelance and contract writers. We offer contract advice, grievance resolution, health & dental plans, member education, Job Hotline, and networking. Employers list contract and freelance jobs for free and deal directly with writers.

Writers Weekly
Huge resource ezine, bringing current paying market listings right to your inbox each week


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