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Freelance E-Book Store
This section is devoted to downloadable ebooks and resources designed to launch your freelance writing career today, sell more writing and make a full time freelance income.

Please click on any cover to be taken to a page showing more detailed information about the desired book. All purchases are transacted via Amazon.com's secure servers.

Ultimate Copywriter
The Ultimate Copywriter
by Mel McIntyre
Good Copywriters make more money than a doctor from one simple letter each month!

Quick Cash Writing
Quick Cash Writing
by Nick Daws
Discover hidden niche markets that need writers NOW - and are willing to pay great money for your writing skills

Book Proposal Secrets
Book Proposal Secrets
by Dan Strauss
Sell your book to a big publisher before you've even written one word!

Travel Writing Secrets
Travel Writing Secrets
by Mel McIntyre
Travel the world first-class, stay in 5-star hotels, free meals and more - FREE - and then get paid to do it all again!

Best-Seller Secret
The Best-Seller Secret
by Dan Strauss & Mel McIntyre
Boost your sales and reach the best-seller lists with this little-known method to make you a best-selling author!

Six-Figure Freelance
by David Drake
Learn to make $100,000 a year to write content online

Make Money Writing Content on the Internet
Learn how the professionals make huge online profits writing for little-known markets every day!

Freelance Riches
Freelance Riches
by Liz Tomey
Launch your own successful six-figure Freelance writing business today


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